SCIENCE FRIDAY: A Celebration of Great Science Writing with David Quammen and Sy Montgomery

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Thursday August 16

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6:30 PM  –  8:30 PM

Science Friday comes to the American Writers Museum for a celebration of Great Science Writing with David Quammen and Sy Montgomery.

David Quammen is an author and journalist whose books include The Song of the Dodo (1996), The Reluctant Mr. Darwin (2006), and Spillover (2014), a work on the science, history, and human impacts of emerging diseases (especially viral diseases), which was short-listed for eight national and international awards and won three. His shorter books Ebola (2014) and The Chimp and the River (2015) were drawn from Spillover, each with a new introduction. His forthcoming book (August 2018) is The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life, which explores the drastic revisions in understanding of life’s history on Earth forced by recent discoveries from genome sequencing, and the story of a scientist named Carl Woese. 

Sy Montgomery writes for adults and children, for print and broadcast, in America and overseas in an effort to reach as wide an audience as possible at what she considers a critical turning point in human history. “We are on the cusp of either destroying this sweet, green Earth—or revolutionizing the way we understand the rest of animate creation,” she says. “It’s an important time to be writing about the connections we share with our fellow creatures. It’s a great time to be alive.” She speaks frequently at schools and museums, libraries and universities.

Authors will be interviewed by Annie Minoff, author and co-host of the podcast Undiscovered. Undiscovered is a new documentary-style podcast from Science Friday, about the left turns and lucky breaks that make science really happen. Hosted by Annie Minoff and Elah Feder, Undiscovered is currently in production for its second season. 

Undiscovered, from Science Friday, is a podcast about the backstories of science—the left turns, false starts, harebrained ideas, and lucky breaks that go into scientific research. It’s a show about the people who make science happen, and the bizarre, beautiful places it takes them. Every week co-hosts Annie Minoff and Elah Feder tell stories about what happens when science leaves the lab. Learn more at

Science Friday is your trusted source for news and entertaining stories about science. For 25 years they’ve introduced top scientists to public radio listeners, and reminded them how much fun it is to learn something new. But they’re more than just a radio show. They produce award-winning digital videos, original web articles, and educational resources for teachers and informal educators. 

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